Based on the recommendation by the committee of the High Level Meeting on ESG Finance "ESG Finance High Level Panel" was established for discussion and action to raise awareness and nurture initiatives related to ESG finance in collaboration with the executives from the financial industry and the government, as well as for regular follow-up on related policies subscribed in the recommendation from the committee. Since the first meeting, about 20 financial institutions have participated to discuss their efforts and ESG related issues in an aim for Japan to become a big power in ESG finance.

At the second meeting held in March 2020, "Positive Impact Finance Task Force", a task force in which task force members discuss basic concept on the ways to spread positive impact finance and develop Green Impact Assessment Guide and other aspects of impact evaluation. Moreover, "ESG Regional Finance Task Force" is established to discuss the role of financial institutions in developing and maintaining sustainable society in regional areas, and strategies and visions for the spread and development of ESG regional finance.

In addition, at the third meeting in October 2020, discussion centered on positive impact, a concept developed based on the report of the task force, social issues in Japan, the impact that should be made on these issues, and the role of financial entities.

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The High Level Meeting on ESG Finance

The High Level Meeting on ESG Finance has been held seven times since January 2018 to bring together major players in the financial markets to recognize and freely discuss their respective roles in solving environmental and economic and social challenges simultaneously.